Splish Splash, Bidet Bash!

Our Bumbumbidets adventure began with a lightbulb moment during the pandemic, a time when the quest for toilet paper reached chaotic heights. The growing concern for hygiene and cleanliness inspired us to rethink the bathroom experience. Recognizing the need for a fresher and more eco-friendly alternative, we embarked on a mission to make Bumbumbidets accessible and enjoyable for all.


"Passionate about bidets, but(t) using our business for hygiene and sustainability gives purpose!"

  • Mission

    Redefining personal hygiene on the go.

  • Vision

    Empowering cleanliness and well-being everywhere.

  • Purpose

    To make a positive difference in the lives of each person.

Meet the team

  • Saleh Saleh

    Founder & CEO  

    “It all started with a passion, I had a dream & a vision I saw in my head and jumped on the journey”   

  • Nicole Montalvan

    Marketing manager 

    "Thrilled to be part of Bumbumbidets's journey, revolutionizing personal hygiene with convenience and comfort while promoting cleanliness and sustainability".

Make a positive difference for all